Mountain Valley Motors Blue Ridge GA 30513

Update: Thanks Mountain Valley and Jason Neal

So, I bought a used truck from the Mountain Valley Motors dealership I had bought from since 1999. I didn't kick tires or haggle. I just signed and drove away as I always do. (My ninth car from them) 
But there were problems. Lots of problems. 
I called the sales guy, Gary Williams, and he couldn't find time to call me back. /crickets
I spoke to his associate Jack and he was dismissive and never called back after our first useless conversation. 
I started to feel like "You're nothing to these people once the ink dries." 
I sent one more email and one more text because I had a suspicion that the owners/managers didn't know what those sales guys were hoping would "just go away".
And that's when I was suddenly on the phone with the Sales manager, General manager speaking for the owner. They hadn't got word of what those sales guys were sitting on til my final message. 
Long story short, they appreciated my previous business after all. And they told me I could undo my deal and buy another truck, a flawless new one. Or they'd fix what was not-good on the used truck, and back me up. It was up to me. They were gonna fix it.
It was awesome. So I bought a new truck. It was a better choice for me because I honestly stopped trusting anything my sales guy had said. And the truck was a scar. 
But the *management* at Mountain Valley is like you want to believe it is in a small town. They're concerned about their business and they value repeat business. 
So here's how it shakes out and what I learned: 
When buying a *USED* car, take it to your mechanic for an exam before you sign anything. That's just common sense I did not employ and my sales guy was glad I didn't. 
When buying a NEW car, seriously consider buying it from either Jason (Neal), or John (Connor) at this dealership. 
I'm not gonna comment on if you get a great price because that's got more to do with moods and the phase of the moon, but I will tell you that MVM made it right, and seemed very genuine. 
Dr Erik Johnson

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