Things To Know As A Parent

What you know before you start parentingA man is judged by the company he keeps.That’s a very old adage. It’s useful for parents and society when looking at a kid.There’s another sad truth about it though, The simple fact that it is just rare for a kid to exceed their peers. If you’re in a group of kids heading for college, you’re probably going to go to college. If you’re in a group of kids that’s not... read more

Microbiome Outside AND Inside Us

I've had a crazy idea. (I know, rare for me).If you took fish mulm , and put it in a coffee filter to take out the solids, would you get a lot of the bacteria that were in that fish mulm? Would you get more of the bacteria out if you put the mulm in a food processor and ran it for a minute? And then put it through the coffee filter?If you put that extract over ice, would the icing kill a lot of those... read more

Karri L Johnson Buchanan

free·load·erˈfrēˌlōdər/noun informala person who takes advantage of others' generosity without giving anything in return.The term freeloader is an informal word for someone who takes advantage of generous people, who expects to get things from them for nothing.One who does not contribute or pay appropriately; one who gets a free ride, etc. without paying a fair share. read more