Things To Know As A Parent

What you know before you start parentingA man is judged by the company he keeps.That’s a very old adage. It’s useful for parents and society when looking at a kid.There’s another sad truth about it though, The simple fact that it is just rare for a kid to exceed their peers. If you’re in a group of kids heading for college, you’re probably going to go to college. If you’re in a group of kids that’s not... read more

Microbiome Outside AND Inside Us

I've had a crazy idea. (I know, rare for me).If you took fish mulm , and put it in a coffee filter to take out the solids, would you get a lot of the bacteria that were in that fish mulm? Would you get more of the bacteria out if you put the mulm in a food processor and ran it for a minute? And then put it through the coffee filter?If you put that extract over ice, would the icing kill a lot of those... read more