Research Intended to Create Dog Breed With 20 Disfiguring Genetic Deformities

Researchers are closing in on over TWENTY genetic disorders in a single breed of dog and the dogs are now available for people everywhere to purchase. For the entire article on this breed of dog that has combined twenty+ disorders, here you go: be “counted” as breed-endemic, the defects have... read more

Good Article on Suppressing Appetite Naturally and Unnaturally

There's a good article that brings up Glucomannan, Garcinia, and many others. Asking pertinent questions about Vyvanse and such. The helpful article about appetite-supression isn't about dogs, or cats but it's still located at: you like it. Rando read more

Bad kids

These are nobodies children. And probably haven’t been parented since their folks passed out on the couch when they were five and seven. I’m not saying it’s easy to be a Parent when you’re blind drunk. Nor am I picking on that situation. But kids that live with no respect for adults, never had respect for their own parent or parents. There is a “karmic justice“ for parents who failed to give their... read more

Pet Health Videos of Note

If you're looking for some pet health videos, including fish, koi and goldfish diseases, illness, pathogens, infection and treatments, look no further. I've got you. Here's a list of the more 'important' videos on this, and more. There are, among these, lots of my videos on dog and cat issues including the two most important element of longevity. And then on top of that, more than a... read more

Fish Stress is caused by Fish Pathogens, Fish Parasites and FIsh Illness and Fish Infections are the natural outcome.

A.I. is generating a whole new wave of information to be re-purposed and re-posted in fish health web sites, by all kinds of people, most of whom don't even keep fish but want to populate a website to impress Google, and capture your Affiliate Ad dollar.And in the process, will be giving out recycled, even incomplete or incorrect information about Fish Disease.Aquarium health isn't going to be... read more

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