Great article on how to use salt in aquariums and ponds

One effective method to combat fish parasites is by using salt for freshwater treatments. In this article, we will discuss the dosage, types of salt, duration of treatment, and the parasites that can be effectively treated using this method.Dosage and Types of Salt:When using salt for aquarium treatment, the recommended dosage is 1 tablespoon per gallon* of water for freshwater tanks. You can use iodized... read more

Are You a Good Person? Take This to Heart

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A quick little note about Ned King, internet B0nus and 0pportunity Guy

I got on Ned King's mailing list about two months ago. And I found out that there's no way out of it. He's such a scum bag that he uses four different send-mailers, and a new email address for each one. Actually brilliantly: He uses spoofed email addresses and spoofed domain names he doesn't even own. So when I say brilliantly, I mean as brilliantly as a maggot that eats a dead toad from... read more

Red Ford Mustang, Cobb Plate, “ R U NVS “

Hit and run, this red Ford mustang sideswiped some kind of BMW A6, or whatever, I followed this red Ford mustang after I saw it clipping the BMW in traffic, in Marietta, down Roswell – 120 not a cop in sight for miles, craftily, the Ford mustang started to slow down as the BMW stopped, to check the damage, and then the Ford mustang tore off in a cloud and blue smoke. I’m not sure, but I think that’s... read more

Fwd: took an interest in your Spam abuse of their system.

Hello,I'm Amina, support member in charge of email deliverability,I take note of your report and will check the situation. I remain at your disposal if needed,Best regards, How would you rate my reply?Great    Okay    Not Good read more

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