What You Don’t Know About Ned King

When it comes to choosing a business partner, you want to make sure that you are working with someone that you can trust. Unfortunately, Ned King is not one such individual and should be avoided at all costs. Ned King has made a name for himself in the world of Internet marketing, but it is a name that is steeped in fraud, spamming, and over-promising results. Ned King has demonstrated time and time again... read more

Ned King, Pedophile or Marketing Scam?

If you purchase something from Ned King, internet marketeer and purveyor of 0pp0rtunies and B0nuses – you will be on a Ned King mailing list (multiple) for a very long time. Unquittable. But Why? One of the reasons why: Ned King uses free send-mailers and a new Ned King email address EVERY single time. Here is what a Ned King blocking filter looks like: ( OR OR... read more

Exactly How A Woman Can Never Work Again

[Something I know from personal experience.] You should be aware that in family law, especially around divorce, there are two “people”. Sounds like a statement of the obvious but I’m setting the stage.In divorce law, one of them is the Earner, and the other is the Spouse.This can be broken down, semantically, which always earns the lawyers, a lot of money, but the way divorce law is written, it is “to... read more

Maybe most people have always been dishonorable?

When you get old, things change, (which is a cliched statement of the obvious). But when you’re young, you (of course) question the things that you do, but as you get older your confidence builds until you’re in your 30s and you don’t question anything that you do. You are at the zenith of power, confidence, and error! That wonderful melange of wisdom, coupled with experience, hasn’t kicked in yet. …as... read more

So simple. So effective.

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