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The consumer needs to understand that attorneys are not at all interested in you or your accident or helping you get justice. There is competition among attorneys to use you to make money. They are competing with each other to attract people they can use in the court system to make their money. You are basically apples to be picked. So, when you go into their offices, they are not interested in your story, or damages, they are solely interested in the potential windfall that each case represents. If you have a case with a sure fire settlement, you should shop the attorneys. Look at their record in court, look at the reviews on Google and yelp, and if the potential earnings are high, let them make you their best offer.

Lawyers are not “Shepherds“ of justice. They are not interested in “upholding the law“ the law is a system to be used for them to make money and they need you as the aggrieved party in order to shake money loose from the tree.

There are not very many systems so perfectly arranged that whether you win or lose, the lawyers get paid. Only, When the attorney wins, they get millions versus the losing attorney only getting tens of thousands. Keep in mind that in personal injury law, the losing attorney is representing the person with the “deep pockets” so there really is no loser (except the party with the “deep pockets”) LOL.