How to Tell When Your Dog Needs a Nail Trim?

This video is under 2 minutes. And in that span you will learn how to tell if your dog NEEDS a nail trim and even a little bit about why that even matters. you need is a piece of paper and you can tell. Thanks for watching. Like and subscribe please?Doc Johnson read more

Aquarium Heaters, Cost, Pros and Cons, and Safety

I bet you did not know most of the things in this article. Most people just know about the glass, clip on aquarium heaters, but this will open your eyes to things that are less expensive, but better quality. read more

Dogs With This Condition Should Be Fasted

My dog is picky and sometimes won’t even eat. How do I get him to eat if he’s not hungry? ———||———-||———- This is a great question because it calls on a specific answer created under certain circumstances. That is, a great paragraph that addresses “not eating” in dogs from all walks of life. “Not eating” can be a genuine ‘thing’ if a dog is skinny. All skinny dogs, IF HEALTHY, will eat encouragingly... read more

It’s election season, and we need to beware our news!

“A frothed-up, agitated consumer checks their feed OFTEN and spends increased time commenting and sharing.“ Facebook sells advertising, and needs you “on” as long as possible. Facebook learns what you like, and what you read. If you read conspiracy theories, you will quickly be loaded up. If you read about how “The Other Party” is plotting Armageddon, you will get TONS of supporting content. Whatever you... read more

What are the 10 Commandments?

The 10 Commandments are like a set of rules that God gave to people a long time ago to help them live good and happy lives. Here’s a simple way to understand them:  1. Love and respect God above all else.  2. Don’t make or worship idols (like statues or things) instead of God.  3. Use God’s name with love and care.  4. Set aside a special day to rest and spend time with God.  5. Honor your parents and... read more

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