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How to Tell When Your Dog Needs a Nail Trim?

This video is under 2 minutes. And in that span you will learn how to tell if your dog NEEDS a nail trim and even a little bit about why that even matters. you need is a piece of paper and you can tell. Thanks for watching. Like and subscribe please?Doc Johnson read more

Aquarium Heaters, Cost, Pros and Cons, and Safety

I bet you did not know most of the things in this article. Most people just know about the glass, clip on aquarium heaters, but this will open your eyes to things that are less expensive, but better quality. read more

“Spotless Ich” is a Thing. But it’s EASY. (Video) some reason, Ich organisms don't cause white spots in Koi and most goldfish. I've NEVER seen white spot on Koi. At the same time, some of the hottest Ich infestations were on Koi. WITHOUT WHITE SPOTS. If you see Koi or Goldfish turning red, getting slimy and depressed, it's usually a crashing pH but that's easy to prove. Then if the pH is okay, you could... read more

Chinese triple threat

According to authorities, the Chinese immigrants do not carry guns; and so they are not soldiers or spies. Whew!!!You don’t have to Google some obscure, fringe right wing newsletter to find this information. It is being reported by CBS, NBC, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, and all the mainstream media. First fact:There is an armed Chinese satellite trained on each and every unarmed American... read more

Land Invasion of United States by Chinese “Migrants” Trained on US Soil

So I  had an interesting experience this morning. One of my employees asked me if everyone's Internet was down, cellphones, internet, everything. We all checked our gear… Nah, it was fine but it got me thinking.This isn't a political post. There's a timeline and I'll keep it brief.A buddy in Tennessee sent me an article about the border. The article said the Border crossings in the... read more

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