Great Camping Gear

Here’s an amazing tent. It is basically an “add on” to an EZ Up pop up canopy. So it doesn’t go up with shock poles, no threading of poles through little nylon ferrules, and it’s like 7 feet tall in the middle. And, it’s usually under $150

E-Z Up Cube 5.4 Tent 10x10ft 

This tent needs a canopy – it’s how the Cube gets extra protection from the elements. Also, it provides the frame for the Cube. And the EZ-up Canopy Dome is the right one. You could order two of these. One is for the Cube tent and the other is for a shady sitting area in the campsite.

If you intend to heat or cool your Cube, you might want some extra break from wind, rain, or dissipation of the stored heat or cooling. EZ-Up makes some Recreational Side Walls which fit Angle Leg 10 x 10 tents. Perfect for the Cube.

There are weights that hold down the corners of the EZ-Up canopies. Do this, and you won’t have to use stakes and strings to hold down the corners. The weights are weather resistant and weigh about 30 pounds. If you buy the two canopies above, you will want to order two sets of weights.

Here’s how you stay cool in your tent. You should price regular window units, they’re about the same as the window units in price and this is a powerhouse. For 14,000 BTU you pay about the same without the convenience of being able to run a vent hose to the top or side of your Cube and staying cool in your tent. While everyone else sweats to death. This is a Black and Decker unit and has heat (nice for winter) as well.



You might want a tarp to protect the ‘tub’ of the Cube tent above. Once the tub of the Cube is perforated, you’ve lost the water resistant element of the Cube. If it rains pretty hard you could have water in your tent. So you put a tarp under the Cube and that should reduce the problem of lacerating the Cube’s tub on gravel. 10 x 10 ft tarp that’s a full 16mil thick, it’s the same size as the Cube’s tub so it doesn’t stick out all obnoxiously.

How will you cook breakfast when you wake up in the morning? What happens if you need to cook something in the evening and the campfire isn’t a good option. (Drizzling rain?)  – you can get a beast of a cooker, and some iron plates to cook on, that runs off a propane tank.And all that, about $100. Double burner propane modular cooker.

Want a cover with that?

Want a grill plate to cook ON that fits perfectly?

So, what might you sleep on? Did you know that quite often, a Queen size air mattress is cheaper than a twin? It has a lot to do with what sells the most and that’s the Queen across the board. And, gone are the days of the thin air mattresses – which is nice because you used to have to buy a ‘cot’ in order to feel like you weren’t sleeping on the ground. These mattresses are like 18-19″ off the ground. I picked the two, most highly rated air mattresses. And link two of them here. I think it’s a good idea to buy one from two manufacturers in the event that one is superior to the other, you know which to buy in the future.

BFULL Airmattress No Leakage Queen Size.

MPOW Air Mattress Upgrade Inflatable Queen Size

Want some super affordable micro-fiber fitted sheet sets for those mattresses? Here’s the size that fits in a cute gingham pattern.

Here’s a way to keep all the “little compactable stuff” together for your trips. Buckets, linens, tents, covers and all that can go into something big like this, and then you can get someone to ‘grab and end’ and toss it INTO or ONTO your truck!



Want a bucket? There are different colors and they flatten out for easy storage when not in use.

Here’s a green bucket you can collapse. I’d use this one for hand washing?

Here’s a blue bucket under $10 like the one above.

Here’s an orange one like the two above.

One of the things I hate the most about camping is pattying up some burgers, and not being able to legitimately wash my hands. Really ANY times I wanna wash my hands. Face, etc.

So I picked out a decent sink table. I picked it because it was highly reviewed and it has a stainless steel (rather than chromed plastic) spigot.

That Outdoor fish and game cleaning table needs a hose. Here’s a hose that’s cheap, and long, and food safe instead of the green ones for your yard.

What about a shower? Of course you can go to the comfort station at the camp ground but what if you could heat water in the sun and have a decent 3 gallon hot shower to get the lake off you at the end of the day? Here’s a Summer Solar Shower.

If you do that, it might be nice not to have to do it in your bathing suit. Or, you could do it in a stand up ‘changing room’ that’s highly rated and relatively inexpensive. This same changing room can be used for pooping on a camp toilet.

Have a seat! Here’s a highly rated folding seat and this one’s XXL for a big person. And really even if you’re not that big, it’s nice to have a chair that swallows you up and is built for more-than-the-long-term.




Finally, to tie this all together, you might want a multiple outlet power strip. Not just your average one, but a tough one that looks cool without costing a ton, and which has a long cord. A lot of really cool outlet strips don’t carry the amps, and alot of them have a short cord. That’s a problem considering that you will be running it from the breaker box at the camp site into your tent.

And finally, where might you poop?

This is the Luggable Loo the highest rated pooper – which some people line with a trash bag and put cat litter in it. That, is, brilliant because then you’re dealing with dry or clumping waste management and straight into the garbage can later. No “washing out a potty” or a transfer station. And it got 4.5 stars on Amazon.






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