Is GoNift a Scam or Legitimate? A “Gift” from GoNift / Offerup

Gonift may fool you initially with it’s “free gifts” promise and all that, but man oh man — you really need to inspect it more carefully before signing up! To be honest, it’s more like a false promise. The so-called gifts at are actually discounts applied through a promo code at checkout, and you’ll still end up paying the difference.

And what’s worse, your choice of gifts is so LIMITED, even a toddler with an iPad could beat it in picking presents.

Plus, the real kicker is that you’re usually signing up for some monthly subscription, only then to get your “free gift”, probably a razor trial kit or something. Well, good luck tearing that triple $$$ string off!

Honestly, the only thing that’s worse than gonift’s category system is your own miserable luck. It can never find anything useful!

Oh, and one more thing – you know they actually expect you to pay for the gift before even TRIALING it?? Yeah, that just takes the cake. What a scam, am I right?

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