Should you even get married?

Marriage, is the strongest way that you can tell somebody that you love them, and that you want them, and you’re never going to go away. Sort of. There are two exceptions:Giving them a kidney is stronger than marriage.And when you swear to the officiant of the wedding and all the people present, that you will be true and by-their-side for the rest of your life, apparently only half of us actually carry... read more

Cardi B Disappoints Fans

Fans of the talentless ‘Porn-rapper’ Cardi B were disappointed to hear that their favorite triple-X superstar is canceling her “I Drank a Complete Stranger’s Load” World Tour for a “lack of new songs”. Apparently Cardi B’s record company has witnessed  “waning interest” and even “boredom” among her demographic; middle-school girls, when gauging their enthusiasm for songs primarily dedicated to  detailed... read more

Won’t Eat Dry Food, So They Can’t Lose Weight

“He won’t eat plain dry food.”“When I left her food dry, she went almost two days without eating. You said she’d eat, eventually. Wrong.”“He hardly eats at all!”“He’s always been fluffy!”“How can he lose weight if he won’t eat the dry diet-food’?”“Can I mix peanut-butter and ice-cream with the diet-food so he’ll eat it?”“I won’t starve my dog.”“He just needs more exercise.”“The treats are very... read more

Trump Ends The Race For Biden

[REUTERS:US Mar. 25] Trump destroys Biden summarily by choosing Dem/Libertarian prospect Bernie Sanders as running-mate for 2024.  read more

She’s Just Unreal

Like a movie, my life now….This 'regular guy' gets financially and emotionally banged-up down through this life, and finally ends up with a kind, pretty, wonderful independent woman. And he's smitten. And his world starts to taste better and better. And it's gradual that he realizes he's blossoming and that he's happier and happier with everything around him, and she... read more

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