Talentless J Deeeeeee in the Houuuuse

Half time at the Atlanta United game against Nashville SCThis ‘famous’ rapper performs. (Good Eeee?)Again I am struck that LITERALLY anyone including a drunk frat boy could accurately perform that trash. Even if you don’t like some music; USUALLY there’s enough talent that not ‘just anyone’ could have performed it. But this is like a “doody-mouth” chant some middle-schoolers wrote in the boy’s... read more

Yunnan Baiyao

This is a package insert about Yunnan Baiyao, from China. Sometimes western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine have trouble code existing in the same document. The stuff works. It’s OK that we don’t know how. Yunnan-Baiyao.pdf read more

Ivermectin proved to be curative in most of the patients

This is why we can’t have nice things. This is going to hurt vaccine sales if people catch on. We need to launch a campaign of disinformation about ivermectin and replace it in animal products with Selamectin, Moxadectin, and others.  IVERMECTININLONG-COVIDPATIENTS.docx read more

THC Delta 8 in dogs:

An update on THC Delta 8 Isomer in Dogs  Despite the Internet’s insistence that Delta-8 Isomer THC in dogs is “toxic” –  it’s entirely the opposite.  THC Delta 8 in dogs works VERY well with a long re-dosing interval.  Once-a-day dosing is VERY reasonable. If you dose Delta-8 Isomer gummies in the morning , it will wear off completely at about 18-22 hours.  Dosing THC Delta 8 in dogs more... read more


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