Why Franchise / Corporate Veterinary Medicine Is a Cause for Concern With Customers

I found a very well written document that impartially describes how Veterinary Medicine is being consolidated under corporate roofs. And the article is at and is followed by three additional references which describe the results of polls on the subject, a document on HOW corporatization occurs and summarizes the impacts, and more. The briefest of summaries basically arrives at the idea that... read more

We Should Get Socialists to Commit Future Earnings

It would be amazing if, while living in the basement and skating by on peanut butter and jelly – we got the 'generous' and 'free-for-all' liberal think-tank socialists to commit part of their future income to all the various social and global 'causes' they think the US Government Taxpayer should be paying for. Free college, free healthcare, free whatever. And watch in... read more

What are the seven deadly sins?

# The Seven Deadly Sins: An In-Depth Exploration ## Introduction The concept of the seven deadly sins has a long and complex history, deeply rooted in Christian theology and moral philosophy. This list of transgressions serves as a framework for understanding human failings and moral imperfections. In this document, we will delve into the origins of the seven deadly sins, their historical development,... read more

Will Your Kid Kill You in Your Sleep Over a Videogame? Possibly!

Videogame addiction is real. Someday they'll be properly labeled, disclaimered, and regulated, and the public will recognize the signs. More kids will get into, and get through graduate school, (Who am I kidding: More kids will just get into college and successfully emerge from their parent's basement with jobs and spouses) and videogame manufacturers may have liability like Phillip Morris and... read more


I think in cars; we find one fairly easy way to discover and quantify our Narcissists. I mean, simply by SEEING HOW YOUR PARTNER DRIVES, you can know well-in-advance if you’re in love with a Narcissist. Briefly, I have refined my views on Narcissism thusly: Question:  What is Narcissism? Answer:  It’s a heightened sense for SELF. Question:  We’re all selfish, so what’s different about Narcissism? Answer:... read more

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