How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

Badlands Ranch Beef & Salmon diet.  That diet is interesting because it’s not the usual low-carb spread, it’s 30% protein and over 20% carbs. It’s fine as long as feeding that achieves a Body Condition Score of (BCS) BCS = 4-minus  What’s a BCS 4 Minus?  See: Since that particular diet is 440c/cup and Charley is 10 pounds, you would feed 1/4 cup twice a day. And even that... read more

How to eat to live

A few things 1) Recognize that sugar and sugary items are NOT FOOD. THEY AREN'T FOOD AT ALL. Sugar energizes you with multiple costs. Food nourishes you with no cost for a longer time. 2) Focus on proteins. Not even lean proteins. Just proteins.  3)Discern between hunger and lack of hydration.  4) Discern between boredom and hunger.  5) Listen to your body when you DO eat. Getting full? Get ready to... read more

Inbreeding Doodles for a Pure Line: BAD IDEA

WhatDidYouDoodle? (The End of A Valuable Mutt?)If you, or someone you love, ever thought about buying a “Doodle” you should read and understand THIS!Background: Once upon a time, a person crossed a poodle with a Labrador. They got a “Labradoodle”. And it was amazing because it was a sweet, healthy HYBRID of the two parents. Which combined low shedding, high durability, keen intelligence, or a... read more

New At

The lead singer of Grouplove opens for P!ink in LouisvilleAnd wears cutesie pigtails and a pink sweaterIf he was sending an LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ affirming message he would NOT have worn a haircut that was:- For little girls- Attractive to creepy old guysAnd he would say “I’m flexing as a big musician opening for P!nk”If MIck Jagger or Steven Tyler wore pigtails on stage even their fans would say a line had been... read more

The Perfect Gift of a Hand Crafted Writing Pen

The Perfect GiftNeed to buy a gift for someone who has a lot of nice things and you can't figure out what to get them, but you want it to be “nice” but not break the bank?Jack's Hand Made Flawless Gift PensUnder $100 – Most are $50 or less – Dozens of beautiful woods – Dozens of designs100% Hand Made by Jack.The warranty will surprise you. You won't be disappointed.   – Doc... read more

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