Pizza in a Bag – HOW NOT TO FEED YOUR DOG.

Pizza In a Bag (A Truthful Satire) Finally! Your dog will never decline food.  “Aren’t you tired of mixing melted butter and whip cream with the dogs food to get it to eat?” Well, those days are over! This will get your dog eating like it’s hungry, even when it’s not. Not even a little bit. Remember the days of sitting at the dining room table with your child, forcing the emptying of the plate three times... read more

Dosing 25mg Delta 8 THC Gummies for Canines Under Vet Supervision: In One Page

This is a “guideposts” article that gives you the basics on dosing Delta 8 THC Gummies of the 25mg per gummy composition.If you don't understand this document you will never understand the master document (current and edited weekly) at should not use this document unless you are entirely comfortable with the information and have weighed-in with your... read more

A Song Was Hurting My Ears

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Positive Reinforcement is a Strong Idea with Weak Results

More than forty years ago people didn’t take any crap off their dogs. Dogs were NOT our equals and we didn’t join THEIR pack. They were admitted to OUR pack and were absolutely expected to be respectful to us, or they were “sent to the farm” Excessive Barking, Bad Behavior, And How to Avoid Alpha Dominance or Actual Control of The Dog [Disclaimer: This article will be shocking to most people because it... read more

Natural Biology of Altum Scalare

This matters because it kind of addresses some of the ways (and reasons) you can improve the condition and success with Altum scalare (Angel fish) In nature: Altum scalare would form schools of individuals, dozens of them, just hanging in a gentle Amazon-current among tall plants like Valisneria – and the water was warm with a pH about 6.9-7.0 and tannin rich. And always, floating down the river to... read more

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