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For a Person Who Can be Selfish At Times

Is  This You?Most people want to have a nice life.They want to get nice things.They want to be treated nicely.They want people to help them when they need it.And they want people to do nice things for them.Normal people want to be included, and feel at least a little bit important to others.Some deny it, but normal people are nourished by love.If you’re reading this, chances, are you already know that... read more

BONE BROTH and BEEF BONES Notes that’ll surprise you I think.

Marrow Bones and Bone Broth A note for dog owners. I want NOT to bombard with information about dogs and cats but sometimes I see something “enough times” to think that “Hmmm I should say something about this because people won’t know.” It’s about bone broth. Bone broth is a soup or stock made with bones. Like, the marrow (which is a LOT of fat) is melted out of bones making a tasty marrow / bone... read more

Facebook is Social Cancer.

Does it surprise you that as a “Facebook” company, that Instagram makes you sign up and log in to see their content? So if someone sends you a link to their Instagram, in order to see it, you have to sign up. Can’t just look.  As a result of wanting to indulge your friend and check out their baby shower pics, Facebook ‘necessarily’ gets a new victim to market to. Your privacy across more than TWO... read more

End Video Game Addiction Day – Parents Advocacy Day

It would be an interesting day, to say the very least, if “someone” organized a nation wide “rebellion” of concerned parents, against videogames in the lives of our kids (and spouses I guess.) What that would look like: A date would be set to basically walk into our kids’ lives with a published, vetted, set of parameters and boundaries to the video game to which they are bona fide addicted. (And they... read more

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