Robert McElvaine: Millsaps’ Anti-Republican Drum Beat McElvaine believes every word of what he writes.  I wish I had that. But when I was formally diagnosed by Dr. Wagner as a Grandiose Narcissist, I lost McElvaine’s (and my) special gift. Discovering that you are any species of Narcissist forces you into the harsh, hard-to-see, easy-to-deny realization, that: 1. What you... read more

Mantis Shrimp As Marine Pets in Thick Acrylic Tanks

Mantis shrimp come in a variety of striking colors, including vibrant shades of green, red, blue, and orange. They have segmented bodies and prominent eyes on stalks, providing them with excellent vision. The size of mantis shrimp varies depending on the species, ranging from a few centimeters to up to 45 centimeters (18 inches) in length.Mantis shrimps are fascinating creatures known for their remarkable... read more

Zoo Quality Acrylic Tanks and Enclosures That Will Surprise You

Do you think you’d like a great big acrylic tank? Would you want it to be custom made for a particular room or a particular kind of fish? Big Fish Custom Acrylic Aquariums makes, installs and sells some of the dream tanks we only wish we could have. I went to their shop in Atlanta and it’s amazing. Full-on professional and they’re building thousand-gallon tanks. For the full article with more images,... read more

Play the song in my hospital room when I’m sick and dying

So some guy, who works at the cardboard box plant, found a mixer and decided to write a song. This is the song. And he put it through ChatGPT to remove any semblance to a decent melody.Put this on a little cassette tape player, not a CD player anything with good fidelity. Put it on a shitty tape player in my room so that I hope the chemo fails.  read more

TalkingHumans AI Human Voiceovers Software Abandoned in Scam

June 3 2023. After waiting from May into the month of June for “server upgrades” and two days off to move to the new “Talkinghumans AI” server, the service has yet to render a backlog of voiceovers in software that has been generating hundreds of dollars a day for the “Talkinghumans AI” owners. Apparently, not “Talkinghumans AI” users since users can't... read more

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