Why is “Saving Sick Fish” $24.99? What Comes With That?

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Surgery Recovery Suits Instead of Cones: Recommended and Which One?

Surgery Recovery Suits have a few features to look for: These features are IMPORTANT You might need one with full front leg coverage You might need one with full hind leg coverage. And you just might need to protect the dog’s trunk or soft parts like the following one: So one feature is leg coverage or not. The second feature is whether the dog can still get to it’s soft parts. (Private parts)... read more

“Saving Sick Fish” by Dr. Erik Johnson

Forty page crash course with NO 'unnecessary' topics or information. You can solve fish health problems quickly and develop adequate proficiency to succeed with fish keeping and the aquarium hobby in an illustrated 2 to 3 hour read.The author provides guidance and “how to's” based on more than twenty years experience as a fish health veterinarian. Author of several other books on... read more

The New Book Is Here

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Saving Sick Fish: How to Save Fish FAST!

The TLDR of Fish Health. Mastery in 40 pages. The new book by Dr Erik Johnson ( and ) The brand new Fish Health and treatment book is available at and If I was training a new employee for a pet shop, fish-friendly veterinary clinic, a garden center or pond company, this would be the book I'd hand the... read more

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